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Tattoos by Jason Matchim

Tattoos. Ink. Body Art. Skin Therapy. Poking holes in your skin. Whatever you want to call it, the art of tattooing has been around since the dawn of time.

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Here in Greater Sudbury, there are many talented tattoo artists within reach but one that stands out for his unique style and attention to detail is Jason Matchim. Tattoo artist by day, family man and biker enthusiast by night, he is truly a very talented and versatile artist in many aspects. 

Having personally worked with him professionally, he truly excels at what he does! He's been poking people since early 2006 under Tattoos by Jason Matchim.  

He is a versatile artist covering various tattooing styles and artistic mediums from oil and acrylic paintings to wood-crafting as well as fine cuisine, who knew?

Food, Kitchen, Cook, Tomatoes, Dish, Basil, Pasta

Here are some examples of what this guy can do with a paintbrush and some paint, truly remarkable: 


Canvas painting with acrylic



Painting of lips


However, he mostly focuses on fine line work, black & gray realism and some semi-realism color tattoo styles. He is a dedicated artist and is devoted to providing his clients with quality custom tattoos designed to their specifications. He loves what he does as this is how he provides for his beautiful family. Here is a showcase of the incredible work he is capable of:


Tattoo of roses and skulls


Black & Gray Tattoos by Jason Matchim:


Tattoo of wolf



Tattoo of horse man and bow and arrows



Tattoo of snake


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