What the &*%$ is Beard Balm?

What is “Beard Balm” anyways?

Beard Balm is essentially a rich, moisturizing conditioner that helps you style and sculpt your beard, all while smelling delicious. Most beard balms contain different “butters”, such as Shea Butter and/or Cocoa Butter, which nourish your beard and helps the balm spread easier.

People, Man, Woman, Cold, Weather, Couple, Kiss, LoveIt also contains beeswax, which also has numerous benefits for your beard and is a type of sealant that locks in the moisture and gives you an extra layer of protection against nature’s harsh elements, especially during cold and dry climates. It's the bees knees, man! And, it's All-Natural, the way it should be.

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The balm also gives you and and that sexy beard of yours a great scent as well as extra nutrients and vitamins. Nickel City Beard Blends offers two AMAZING beard balms: My Lil Cupcake (Baked Goods) and Stud Muffin (Chocolate)



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(A popular 'Stud Muffin' (Chocolate) Beard Balm from Nickel City Beard Blends pictured above)

How do I use this “Beard Balm” you speak of?

Just like beard oil, the best time to use beard balm, in our opinion, is right after a nice, warm and refreshing shower. The warmth of the shower helps open your skin's pores to better absorb the vitamins and nutrients found in many natural beard grooming products.

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Once your beard has been patted down, with the back of your thumbnail, scrape a small amount of beard balm and rub your hands together until it melts a bit. Then gently massage it into that beautiful beard of yours and sculpt it however you see fit you sexy beast!

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For those looking for something with a stronger and firmer hold, here's a good All-Natural Mustache Wax to help keep your lip whiskers in check: https://nickelcitybeardblends.com/collections/balms/products/whisker-wax

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And most importantly, a balm or wax is always nicely paired with a quality comb or brush to help keep your facial hair on point. Here are a few good examples: https://nickelcitybeardblends.com/collections/combs

This following photo demonstrates a comfortable yet portable Sandalwood Comb that creates a snag-free experience with its finely-crafted coarse and fine comb teeth, perfect for both short and long beards and mustaches. Unlike cheap plastic combs, this natural wood comb has a fresh sandalwood scent and is naturally anti-static so it won’t make your beard all frizzy and wiry.

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How long will my “Beard Balm” tin last?

If used on a daily basis, your tin(s) should last you a few months. Just like our beard oils, we recommend storing your tin(s) in a dark, dry and cool area, away from direct sunlight, as the oils can separate and turn rancid. For best results and freshness, use within 12 months from purchase date. 

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Strangers are staring, sniffing and salivating every time they’re near me. Is this normal?

Yes, yes and yes! Just a word of advice, you better get used to it you sexy beast!

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And always remember..."Happy Beard. Happy Life." 

For more information about high-quality All-Natural Beard & Body Care Products, please visit: www.nickelcitybeardblends.com


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