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Wood Comb (Natural Sandalwood)

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Introducing Nickel City Beard Blends' All-Natural sandalwood comb, a must-have accessory for every bearded man. This comfortable yet portable comb creates a snag-free experience with its finely-crafted coarse and fine comb teeth, perfect for both short and long beards and mustaches. Unlike cheap plastic combs, this natural wood comb has a fresh sandalwood scent and is naturally anti-static so it won’t make your beard all frizzy and wiry.

Matches perfect with a beard oil, beard balm or mustache wax in our customer-favorite 'Trio Pack' - The perfect beard kit for any man out there! Click HERE to shop our popular Beard Kit and SAVE money! This comb:

★ Helps ease and soothe damaged and brittle hair

★ Static-Free comb

★ Perfect to style and maintain your facial hair

★ Made from real Sandalwood

*Please note that this listing is for one (1) comb and that there might be slight variations in the colour and wood grain of the comb, depending on available stock.