Lust Candles

Lust Candles

Lust Candles - our Massage Oil Candles were created to inspire couples to spend more intimate time together.

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As life, kids, pets, jobs and finances take over the lives of many couples, the one aspect that often lacks attention is the intimacy in their relationship.  Many couples wake up one day realizing the passion they once had for each other is no longer there, and for many it can’t be restored.

As we are both divorcees, we find ways to try and avoid the disconnect in our relationship, and yes it does take time and effort.  We have our special spots that we grab a bottle of wine and just talk, whether it is watching the sunset on the boat, or soaking up sun by the pool, we make that time to concentrate on us.  Equally as important as “talking” we need intimacy to feel connected as well, and that is where the massage candle came in. When intimacy is lacking, we know we need to touch and feel each other and really reconnect.  We purchased a massage oil candle as a novelty and absolutely loved the concept, the candle for atmosphere and the warm massage oil for all over body massaging. Who wants cold massage oil drizzled on their body?

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When we used a store bought massage candle, we found the “waxy” feel it left was not desirable.  After some passionate moments, who wants to spoil the mood by jumping in the shower, and that is when we started the path to creating a candle where the massage oil was soaked up by our skin, and provided the perfect romantic feeling for a warm stimulating massage.  

Our massage candles are made with the finest ingredients including shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and soy wax.  Your skin will feel like silk after using this oil. In fact we have many consumers of the product who light the candle before their shower and use it as a warm moisturizer. We admit we regularly light candles when our skin needs a drink. The misconception about massage candles is that the oil will be too hot.  This is not the case at all, the oil melts to just a few degrees over body temperature and will not burn you, they will simply leave feeling heavenly.

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If there was a message we could send our younger selves it would be to always have a massage candle on your night stand and use it. A relationship can not survive without intimacy and ours has reached new heights thanks to the massage oil candles.





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