Rampage Coffee Co.

Rampage Coffee Co.

Husband & Wife are Disrupting a $6-Billion Specialty Coffee Market in Canada!

Above: Owners of Rampage Coffee Co. Dustin & Lauren Blanchard

They had no idea what was going to happen but they knew one thing, "We knew if we offered great tasting coffee that enhanced peoples' mornings and paired it with excellent customer service, eventually we would get some sales and better yet, returning customers!".

What started in their garage as a 'side-hustle' eventually manifested into a 7 day per week 'main-hustle' in less than 2 years. But it didn't come without its challenges..."Honestly, we had no idea how much work was ahead and If someone would have shown us what it was actually going to take to build this thing from scratch, we probably would have said HELL NO! But we are very happy with what Rampage has become and it has brought a small team of amazing people together, which I love." - Dustin

How are you going to compete with the heavy hitters like Starbucks & Timmy's?

Dustin, Co-owner and Founder of Rampage Coffee Co., has been known to be a bit of a risk-taker. You'll usually find him either pulling death defying freestyle tricks on his motocross bike, or flying his paramotor above the clouds at 3000 ft, so a daunting new business start-up in an ultra competitive market seems to be just another day in the life of this guy. "You wont know what you are capable of until you've taken action and put in a solid effort - no risk no reward. Think about how many cups of coffee are consumed every day - 2 billion - I don't think Starbucks and Double Double will be able to serve up that kind of demand, the world runs on coffee...Besides, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will keep Rampage RIOTING!" - Dustin

How exactly have you 'disrupted' the specialty coffee market?

"Good question... It all comes down to good timing, an amazing team and some good luck. We don't really think we are "disrupting" the market, per se, we are actually very new roasters in the grand scheme of things and we still have a lot to learn. We have created a bit of a stir in the industry with our bold branding and marketing for sure, but one thing that we've noticed is a large demand in corners of the market that may have been overlooked by other companies. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching and designing a business that targets this demand. The bottom line is, we believe that good quality coffee and excellent customer service will lead to success in any business, so that is what we have been laser focusing on. So far so good." - Dustin

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Website: https://rampagecoffee.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rampagecoffeeco

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rampagecoffee

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