Frequently Asked Questions for Beard Oil

Beard Oil from Nickel City Beard Blends on a table with rocks and plants in the background.

What is “Beard Oil” anyways?

Beard Oil is typically a combination of carrier oils and a blend of essential oils. Sure it helps you smell delicious, but most importantly, it moisturizes and hydrates your beard and the skin beneath, thus preventing brittle hair, itchy skin and a place for birds to nest. We take pride in our products and source only high-quality ingredients to put into our beard oils. Rest assured that our blends are All-Natural, the way it should be. Nothing more, nothing less! 

Fun Fact: No Beard - No Problem. Women absolutely LOVE using our oils in their hair. They assured us it works better than expensive hair oils to keep their hair moisturized and smelling great! Sorry guys, nothing we can do if your woman uses up all your stock.

Carrier oils come from the fatty parts of plants, usually the seeds and nuts. These oils are used to help dilute essential oils and contain several vitamins and essential fatty acids that are beneficial to skin and hair follicles. Some of the more popular examples of carrier oils include Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Castor Oil.

Essential oils are a more concentrated version of plant-based oils and are usually found in the plant’s roots, stems, bark, flowers and seeds. These are used mainly for therapeutic and aromatic purposes and are found in a vast array of products. Popular examples of essential oils are Lavender, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange to name a few. 

Because our blends are natural, your beard will smell incredibly delicious for hours but as the oils get absorbed and gradually evaporate, you will notice that the aroma becomes more subtle. Feel free to re-apply throughout the day, as needed. The overpowering and potent scents found in non-natural products are often times cheap chemical fillers and/or synthetic fragrance oils which are formulated to last for many hours but aren’t natural in any way, shape or form. We prefer to be mindful on what we put on our bodies. Nickel City Beard Blends is proud to state that most of our products are All-Natural, the way it should be! 

How do I use this “Beard Oil” you speak of?

The best time to use beard oil, in our opinion, is right after a nice, warm and refreshing shower. Gently pat and dry your beard, then pour a few drops into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Massage the oils into your beard and be sure to massage it into the skin underneath your beard as well. Feel free to re-apply throughout the day, as needed.

*We recommend testing the oil first by placing a few drops on your skin, prior to application. In the unlikely event that skin irritation occurs, please discontinue use and see a physician. If you are pregnant, nursing, allergic, or about to undergo surgery, please consult with your healthcare provider before using our products.

How long will my “Beard Oil” bottle last?

Most beardsmen, including myself, use beard oil on a daily basis. Used daily, your bottle(s) should definitely last you a few months. You’ll see that we’ve carefully packaged our beard oil blends in dark amber bottles, as these are known to better block UV rays versus the lighter-coloured bottles out there. We recommend storing your bottle(s) in a dark, dry and cool area, away from direct sunlight, as the oils can separate and turn rancid. For best results and freshness, use within 12 months from purchase date. 

Strangers are staring, sniffing and salivating every time they’re near me. Is this normal?

Yes, yes and yes! Just a word of advice, you better get used to it you sexy beast!

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are not for human consumption and are strictly for external use only. Keep out of pets and children's reach. Please be aware that our 'Sweet Tang' beard blend (the 'orange' essential oil used in this blend) may cause your skin to be sensitive to the sun which can cause photosensitization (phototoxicity). Exercise caution when exposing this particular beard blend to direct sunlight and/or ultraviolet light for long periods of time. No liability will be assumed by Nickel City Beard Blends for any claims arising out of the use of our products. Thank you for your understanding. 

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