★ Loyalty Rewards Points Program ★

Here at Nickel City Beard Blends, we LOVE our Loyals!

To express our gratitude and reward our AMAZING customers, we've been hard at work and we're very excited to announce our NEW and EXCITING Loyalty Rewards Points Program!!

Here's how it works...

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★ Sharing on Facebook - 50 Rewards Points           

★ Sharing on Twitter - 50 Rewards Points  

★ Following us on Instagram - 50 Rewards Points        

★ Liking on Facebook - 50 Rewards Points 

★ Signup - 100 Rewards Points   

★ Celebrating a Birthday - 150 Rewards Points

★ Placing an Online Order - 5 Rewards Points for every $1 spent 

★ Referral - $3.00 OFF


Now that you know how to gain FREE Rewards Points, here's what they can get you:



★ $2.99 OFF Discount - 299 Rewards Points

★ $4.99 OFF Discount - 499 Rewards Points

★ FREE Shipping Discount - 1499 Rewards Points

★ FREE Trio Pack (Beard Starter Kit) - 4799 Rewards Points


We're super excited for YOU to JOIN US! Create your FREE account HERE and then click on the "gift icon" below to get started TODAY!

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**Disclaimer: It is the buyer's responsibility to spend accumulated points to receive reward. The rewards are not automatically applied. Nickel City Beard Blends reserves the right to cancel the Loyalty Rewards Points Program without notice, at any time, which would effectively void all existing points and/or accounts.**