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Beard Mask (Triple-Layered w/ Filter)

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Proudly made in Canada!

Are you larger than average? BIGGER is always BETTER! 😉 And always remember to bring protection. (We're talking about your beard here - get your mind out of the gutter LOL)

Do you work hard to get your beard game on point only to have it flattened out and frizzy after wearing those smaller standard masks? Fear not, we've got the perfect protective solution for your man fuzz! No more weird lines or beard dents!

We've partnered up with Canada's top beard mask manufacturer to finally give us bearded folk a selection of specifically-designed masks that actually work for us and our beards. Simply put, this is THE BEST BEARD MASK you will find anywhere!

Introducing our NEW premium 'Beard Mask', which comes with the following specs:

Choose from three (3) popular colors/designs: Plaid, Black and Dark Camo

 Three (3) sizes to choose from: Regular (~6.5"), Large (~ 9") and XL (~ 11")

★ 100% cotton with triple-layer protection and a built-in filter pocket

★ Includes a FREE washable polypropylene filter and two (2) flexible metal nose bars (one to put into the mask and one as a spare)

★ "Health Canada" suggested specifications

★ Features an adjustable toggle system which allows masks to hang around the neck

★ Helps prevent foggy glasses and keeps your beard protected

★ Leaves little to no creases or dents in your man fuzz leaving it stylized and looking great

This unique and reusable beard mask is a non-medical grade face covering specifically-designed to keep yourself and those around you *protected all while keeping your beard in tip top shape. 

Get yours today, only from Nickel City Beard Blends

Disclaimer: We STRONGLY recommend gently washing your mask(s) by hand prior to your first use. Hand wash and air dry ONLY.

Fire Hazard: Please do NOT use in microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer or any other type of machinery. 

Choking Hazard: Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Nickel City Beard Blends assumes no legal liability if these recommendations above are not properly followed. These masks will not cure any disease and should be used in conjunction with current local Covid-19 health recommendations for maximum protection. Stay Safe. Stay Bearded 

*Discount codes are NOT eligible for this item.

PLEASE NOTE: Possible delays may occur due to an overwhelming volume of orders. Thank you for your patience. 

Customer Reviews

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No more messed up beard!

Perfect mask to hide my beautiful face. Very comfortable I love mine so much I wear it while I’m on the can or in the shower!


This is the mask I've been looking for great quality, and super comfy, I also wear glasses and I don't get fogging like the other masks
Absolutely worth the purchase, Get one you will love it!!!

Love it!

When looking for a quality-made beard mask for my man, I came across these from Nickel City Beard Blends. What an AMAZING Canadian product, hubby absolutely LOVES his (Dark Camo) and now all of his co-workers bought one and they all swear by this mask. They even included a few extra goodies in my order, such incredible customer service. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Great mask! Love it

Got my beard mask today and super love it! No more beard creases and I'm not running out of breath while I'm isle surfing at Target. Would definitely recommend to any of my follicle faced brothers! 6 stars!