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Trio Pack (Beard Starter Kit)

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Having a hard time deciding which of our awesome blends to go with? We've got a solution for you! Introducing our popular 'Trio Pack' (Beard Starter Kit), which includes YOUR choice of any one (1) of our incredible and nourishing Beard Oils (The Professor, My Lil' Cupcake, Fuzzy Beaver, Mocha Mint, The Sticks, Sweet Tang or Plain Jane) + YOUR choice of any one (1) Beard Balm (My Lil' Cupcake or Stud Muffin) + one (1) Sandalwood Comb. A perfect beginner's kit for any bearded beast out there! Get yours today, only from Nickel City Beard Blends


*We highly recommend storing our All-Natural product(s) in a dark, dry and cool area, away from direct sunlight. For best results and freshness, use product(s) within 12 months from purchase date. 

Customer Reviews

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First time buyer

Listen, I'll be honest. This is the first time I've ever purchased a product for a beard. But, now that I've used it, I highly recommend it.

If you wanna smell like Bieber, go get your Starbucks and lavender lotion!
If you wanna smell like a man, get yourself some products from Nickle City Beard Blends! You won't be disappointed.

Awesome product

Loving these products so far. Smells awesome and more importantly they are premium products that work great.

Feel Like a Hero!

How do I keep crime at bay? With a stunning heroic beard from NCBB! That's right, no criminal super-villain can ignore my beard's majestic look, as they stare at it in awe, I quickly foil their evil schemes!
Nickel City Beard Blends, the perfect side-kick to any super hero!

-Big Nick

Two thumbs up 👍🏿 👍🏿

I freakin smell smell like cupcakes bud and it makes all the difference while wearing a mask!

Love it

These guys n gals went above and beyond to ship an order to me. The products arrived and are great. The beard oil absorbed quick and smells great, the butter is the lightest substance I have ever touched and leaves me smelling like a wonderful waffle.

I can’t say enough good stuff about these products the comb is smooth and feels great in the hand and the stickers were a great surprise. The youngest loved them. The bumper sticker they sent is proudly on my car