Chris Schneider - Ambassador

Dr. Christopher Schneider

Christopher is a heavy metal enthusiast and proud Member of the Bearded Villains Brotherhood and a talented sociology professor, speaker and author from Brandon University in Manitoba. He is also the famed collaborator behind The Professor scent. Check out his incredible collection of published books HERE.

Andrew Berringer - Ambassador

Andrew Berringer

Andrew is a proud Member of the Bearded Villains Brotherhood. As a military Veteran, we are honored to have his majestic beard representing Nickel City Beard Blends™.

Chris Gilby - Ambassador

Christopher Gielbert

Chris is a proud Member of the Bearded Villains Brotherhood and a culinary mastermind with his impressive food creations. Welcome aboard brother!

Mason Armstrong - Ambassador

Mason Armstrong

Mason is a proud Member of the Bearded Villains Brotherhood and a talented cannabis enthusiast with a heart of gold. Glad to have you part of the Family brother!

Paulo Manquele - Ambassador

Paulo Domingos Manquele

Paulo is a global entrepreneur who loves to travel while inspiring others with his exquisite and unique style. Popularly known as "This Dude With The Blazer" on social media, we are honored to have him represent our popular brand on a global scale.

Randy Breault - Ambassador

Randy Breault 

Randy works at one of Greater Sudbury's top food pubs, The Doghouse. When he isn't busy working, he is an outdoor enthusiast with a majestic beard who is always down for supporting others.

Melanie Wozencroft

Melanie Wozencroft

Melanie is a long-time standing fan of our brand and has been passionately supporting us for many years now. She is an advocate for clean and sustainable practices, and loves practicing yoga in her spare time.

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