Our Story

Welcome the the Family
Beards. Face foliage. A place for birds to nest. Whatever you want to call them, beards have been around for thousands of years. Today, they’re still something to rave about. Most of history’s biggest names had incredible beards. They make us warmer, protect our skin and most importantly, make us even more irresistible than we already are. We're looking at you, you Stud Muffin!
Biker with Big Beard
Here's how the story begins...After my favorite beard grooming products were discontinued on Amazon, I was very discouraged that I wouldn't be able to find anything else for my beard. In my endless quest to find new products, my wife had actually suffered an allergic reaction due to the chemicals and toxic fillers used in some of the cheap products found at pharmacies and online. Inspired to create a safer alternative, my wife suggested that we come up with our very own line of products, using only natural and organic ingredients. Little did we know at the time that we were onto something big. After months of extensive research, and once the kiddos were in bed, we would experiment with different oils and ingredients, sometimes up until the wee hours of the morning to ensure our blends were just right. We are proud to state that our premium products are truly inspired by nature, the way it should be.
All-Natural Yoga Free Spirited Woman
Eventually, once we had a few different scents developed, we'd hand them out to friends and family for them to try out to receive their feedback. In no time at all, we were able to start selling our products locally, and it took off right away. We officially launched Nickel City Beard Blends in early 2018 with only a few original scents. Demand grew so fast that we simply couldn't keep up with orders after our first few batches, so we upscaled our operations and are now able to produce as many units as needed, and best of all they're proudly made in fresh batches right here in Ontario, Canada. We now have many products to choose from for both men and women, each with their own unique scents, with many more ideas and future product launches in the pipeline! Having served tens of thousands of happy customers across North America, we live by our motto: "Happy Beard. Happy Life."
Clean Body Clean Planet
The most inspiring aspect of our business journey has been our ability to combine our passion and entrepreneurial spirit while being able to support communities across Canada. Every year, Nickel City Beard Blends donates a portion of sales to various charity groups and organizations. Shop with confidence knowing that your purchase helps those in need. Together, we can make a difference, one beard at a time.
Charity Efforts
Learn more about our charity efforts HERE.